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House alarms from £299

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Infra-Red Detectors Home and Business Protection Intruder detection systems

OPTEX RN4 10-2525-7575-150
The Rednet® Series of photobeams is a range of active infra-red detectors designed to combine high levels of intruder detection with a low potential for false activation.
The system utilises the infrared transmission to synchronise transmitters and receivers and removes the need for hardwire synchronisation cables between towers. RN4 systems feature four high power transmitters and four receivers. Uniquely, each transmitter operates to all receivers and all receivers are operated by all transmitters. This combination creates a sixteen-beam path ‘net’, which is difficult to compromise.

System Design
The Rednet® system is simple to design and install as it is modular and has just five main components. To design a system, simply decide where the towers are to be positioned and measure the distance between these points. Choose the wall or freestanding towers and select the correct beam set for the distances between them. Towers come complete with all fixings and the electronics include heaters, thermostats, fixings and alignment aids.

Beam Head
The Rednet® beam head contains a folded optical array to combine a long focal length with small head size. This creates narrow transmission and receiving angles to maximize performance. The heads also contain their own heater to ensure that the maximum amount of energy is directed to the section of the tower the beams operate in.

Beam sets include
  • Heaters
  • Thermostats
  • Four transmitters pre-wired to transmitter controller
  • Four receivers pre-wired to receiver controller
  • RN tester
  • Optical alignment viewer
  • Blanking plates
  • Tamper switch and fixing kit
  • Wide angle PIR
  • Detector angle matches popular camera/lens combinations
  • Gold plated optics and three dual element sensors help prevent false alarms
  • BS8418 compliant
  • 35 metre stand-alone
  • 12V DC external PIR
  • Volt free contacts, timer, digital white light filter
  • Controls CCTV switchers and VCRs
  • Compatible with GJD lighting controllers
  • Coverage: 30m x 20m (LRP3020S)
    40m x 10m (LRP4010S)
    40m x 4m (LRP404S)
  • Ideal for short range Event Driven CCTV applications
  • BS8418 compliant
  • Addition of Optex patented technology
  • All metal construction
  • Dual channel processing
  • Twin dual sensors
  • Tamper protected
  • IP65
OPTEX LX-402/802
  • Short range outdoor PIR
  • Coverage:
    12m x 15m (LX-402)
    24m x 2m (LX802)
  • Specifically designed for short range Event Driven CCTV applications
  • Double conductive shielding protects against sunlight and RFI interference



Some Plans popular security, CCTV and remote access products - example packages

Home Alarm

£15 per month

  • 5 PIR detectors
  • iPad application
  • 2 cameras
  • Remote monitoring

Pro Business Alarm

£ 49.99 /MO

  • 10 PIR detectors
  • 5 cameras
  • Remote iPad app
  • Remote challenge

Pro Business Kit

£ 99.99 /MO

  • 20 PIR detectors
  • Remote challenge voice
  • 10 cameras
  • 24/7 response

Electric Gate System

£ 39.99 /MO

  • Access by Keypad
  • Voice Entry
  • Full Installation
  • Ongoing Warranty

All Plans Include:

90 day money back guarantee // 24/7 telephone support // FREE Setup // Online Help // Finance Options

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