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House alarms from £299

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We provide the best rates in Yorkshire for site monitoring and audio challenge
home and business security systems
Monitor your home or business from anywhere using your phone or tablet
We fit and install all types of electric automatic gates
Buy the kit you need for self install CCTV around your home

About Us Security Alarm Systems Doncaster Securesys for all your security needs and wants

The business was started in 1992 in Doncaster with both partners having worked as electricians and subsequently as supervisory electricians for British Coal in and around the Doncaster area.  After serving their electrical engineering apprenticeships and gaining vast experience of installing high voltage switchgear and associated equipment, they attended higher education for process control and electronic control equipment.

Upon leaving British Coal in the 80's both partners worked for Thorn EMI High Security Division "North", again based in Doncaster, as Installation Engineers installing a wide range of security, CCTV and access control equipment. 

Our main business is working within the high security industry and high value sector which involves the installation of security systems, CCTV, door-access control, and building management systems, automatic gates and car park entry systems which are networked using the client's network systems.

We also install CCTV systems and door access systems for the retail sector. We have found an ever-increasing market for CCTV in the pub and club sector where, for example, car parks need to be watched, and in the interior (i.e. bar areas) to prevent expensive refits being vandalised and to keep customers safe.
The other field we have found to be growing is covert surveillance where employers need to keep an eye on staff handling money, and stock control. These can be installed on a totally confidential basis to maximize security.

We are also electrical contractors. All our work is carried out by qualified electricians and installed to the current I.E.E. regulations, and all our CCTV systems and alarm systems are installed to current British Standards.

Residential - Doncaster and Surrounding Areas

We can offer our residential clients the same high quality of installations as our business clients, offering alarm system installation and also the ever increasing requirement for CCTV installation. We can also offer security lighting installations, including flood lighting, motion sensing, and decorative building illumination.

Installation - Doncaster and Surrounding Areas

Our aim is to provide a high quality installation. Our clients are assured of the utmost professionalism in the conduct of the work, and will find our staff approachable, friendly and courteous. Only the highest quality of equipment will be installed. With a professional, quality back-up service to match. We are still small enough to care but we are big enough to cope. We are Safeguard Security Systems, specialists in all aspects of security installation and maintenance in and around the Doncaster area. We have over 20 years experience in high security alarm, CCTV, door access systems in the banking and other high value installations. Currently we are working in close association with renowned specialists in network connection of security systems, CCTV, door access and building management systems. We also specialize in CCTV for nightclubs, hospitality, retail and forecourt areas, including banks. Installations are to the highest quality and standards, (NACOSS, BS4737, BS covering CCTV, and IEE regulations covering electrical installations.

We can design and install any type of system to meet client needs and requirements. In close consultation with clients we aim to provide the highest quality installation, whilst remaining within the client's budget. The systems on offer today include full MS Windows administration for CCTV and door entry systems. So from a simple one-camera system to a multiplex system, including hard-drive recording we can design it to suit you. Our expertise can be relied on for your security needs; we have installed multi camera sites with up to 200 cameras, and door entry systems using token proximity to 2,000 users.

Clients will find that we are always competitive with all our prices.

Consulting - Doncaster and Surrounding Areas

We offer our customers a full consulting service, from crime prevention to a full security consulting service; this could be from safe and physical security aspects to CCTV, door-entry alarm systems etc. and building security. Our many years of experience in the high security industry give us the confidence of seeing first hand the ways to deter intruders and detect them.



Some Plans popular security, CCTV and remote access products - example packages

Home Alarm

£15 per month

  • 5 PIR detectors
  • iPad application
  • 2 cameras
  • Remote monitoring

Pro Business Alarm

£ 49.99 /MO

  • 10 PIR detectors
  • 5 cameras
  • Remote iPad app
  • Remote challenge

Pro Business Kit

£ 99.99 /MO

  • 20 PIR detectors
  • Remote challenge voice
  • 10 cameras
  • 24/7 response

Electric Gate System

£ 39.99 /MO

  • Access by Keypad
  • Voice Entry
  • Full Installation
  • Ongoing Warranty

All Plans Include:

90 day money back guarantee // 24/7 telephone support // FREE Setup // Online Help // Finance Options

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"Our house feels so much safer, we couldn't imagine life without it!"

Simon Young / @TalkAngling

"My business is far better protected with my audio challenge and remote monitoring."

Adam Wood / UYR Group

"Steve and Kev gave me a great service and it could not have been easier!"

James Bennet / DVD and Media UK
Home and burglar alarms // Security and electric gates // 24/7 remote monitoring // Finance available //